Revo Laboratory S.L. offers remarkable medical peelings formulations to treat and correct aesthetic problems on face and body at different depths of the skin which results in accelerating skin cell renewal. According to the depth at which substance in use acts and numerous aspects influence the effectiveness of chemical peel this process results in appearance of skin regeneration with more luminosity, firmness, with a homogenous tone and texture, as well as the improvement of the mechanical qualities of the skin.

Mono Peels

Mono peels are individual component with single active ingredient in different concentrations. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) commonly known as fruits acids which helps to treat Acne, melasma and also contribute to inhibit signs of aging.

Complex Peels

Complex peel are synergistic blend of acids to achieve optimum results and enhances stimulation. It increases skin cell renewal process and promotes skin regeneration with the combination of acids which helps to treat skin disorders in a more effective way.

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